Business English

If your objective is to be able to discuss general business topics in English with colleagues or clients, this course is for you.
You will learn with native-English teachers who have a first hand knowledge in the Business field, as well as professional experience.

Why focus on General Business English?

Business English is very widely used in all professional fields, especially ones that have to do with commerce and sales, and quite different from general English. Focusing on business topics will allow you to gain a greater confidence in English while interacting with colleagues or clients in English.

This track is also very flexible. If you prefer, you will be able to focus part of the time on work related English and dedicate some of the lessons to working on your general English knowledge, to refresh the basics. After all, to be fluent in Business English you also need to have a good basic knowledge of grammar and general vocabulary.

What is included in the General Business English course

When you choose the Business English online track, you get access to native-English teachers who specialize in this field. That’s a great asset to learn with teachers who are also active users of this particular branch of the English language.

We will also provide you with materials to help you grow your command of English applied to your particular professional field. You will also have access to general Business English resources, that will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and fluency.

General Business English Course: Who is it for?

If you’re a professional who needs English for work, this course is for you.

Having a good knowledge of commercial English can help your career growth, your success in a firm and open new opportunities, whatever your field is. If you want to work internationally, Business English is the key that opens most doors in today’s world.

As a professional, your career advancement will depends on the value you bring to your company. And with a good command of English in business situations, you will obviously bring great value as it is essential to your communication with potential or existing clients, partners or affiliates. It’s the best investment you will ever make in your career.


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