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What is an internationally recognized diploma?

An internationally recognized diploma is a certificate of English language proficiency issued by:

A) For the UK: Cambridge ESOL: (IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE)
B) For the USA Educational Testing Service: (TOEFL, GRE, SAT, TOEIC)

Today, the importance of internationally recognized exams is increasing, whether you need this diploma to pursue further study abroad, advance your professional career, plan to work or live abroad, or simply want to improve your level of English.

What diploma do I need?

Tell us why you need to get an international English certificate, and we will decide which exam is the best for you. For basic information about the exams, please refer to the text below.

1) For working and living abroad:

The most requested diploma is IELTS (the International Language Testing System). This diploma is recognized in the UK, Canada and the US, Australia, New Zealand. The exam evaluates all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. This exam, as evidence of English language skills, is being sought by many universities around the world.

IELTS comes in two formats – academic IELTS and general IELTS. The academic exam is recommended for applicants who wish to study abroad, while the general exam is intended for those applicants who wish to complete their secondary education abroad, to find employment or to immigrate to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

General IELTS exam example
Academic IELTS exam example

If you want to see where you are now with the knowledge ie. what kind of grade would they get if they went to the exam now, let us know at and we will send you a free online English test to assess your level.

All our teachers have been preparing students for the IELTS exam for many years. Give us your trust and earn your IELTS degree!

2) For studies and postgraduate studies

The lowest level of knowledge approved by some universities is FCE (First Certificate in English). This exam is considered an upper-intermediate level and, like all other ESOL exams, tests all four language skills.

FCE Exam Example

The next in the ESOL exam series is the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) which is taken as a higher level 1. CAE is a certificate recognized by almost all universities and colleges in many countries. This exam is a significant certification for business purposes and gives you the advantage of being employed by some companies.

CAE Exam Example

The highest ESOL exam in General English is CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English). This diploma is recognized by almost all universities and colleges in many countries, as evidence of the level of knowledge required to attend higher education or postgraduate courses.

CPE exam example

TOEFL (English as a Foreign Language Test) is an exam that tests a candidate’s ability to follow classes and participate in all aspects of student life in English, primarily in the US. The faculties themselves determine the number of credits required for enrollment.
There are several ways to take the TOEFL test
• classic paper test (PBT),
• on the computer-offline (cBT) and
• Internet based (iBT).

What is currently up-to-date is the TOEFL IBT, or rather an interactive computer based test done on the Internet.

TOEFL exam example

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a certificate required for admission to most business and economics colleges worldwide, primarly in the US. The GMAT test is taken on a computer, and the weight of each subsequent question is automatically determined based on the respondents’ previous answers.

GMAT Exam Example

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is a test required to enroll in postgraduate studies at many colleges abroad, primarily in the US and some Western European countries. There are a number of different types of GRE exams, depending on the type of study you are applying for. The GRE test can be taken in writing or on a computer.

Example GRE exam

The SAT (Scholastic Assesment Test) is the exam required for admission to most US colleges and universities. The SAT test measures general skills and abilities acquired in high school, such as text analysis, math, and composition writing. The goal of the SAT test is to determine the extent to which a candidate is ready for college.

SAT exam example

3) For work

As English is nowadays an essential means of communication in the business world, the need for a document that will confirm the level of command of English is increasing. To this end, the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations has also introduced professional examinations to test English.

BEC PRELIMINARY – is the first in the series and corresponds to the lower intermediate level of knowledge and, like all other ESOL exams, tests four language skills. It implies that the candidate is proficient in basic business communication.

BEC VANTAGE – is mid-level and implies that the candidate has a solid command of English. At this level, it goes without saying that the candidate is not only capable of solid communication but has mastered the basics of business correspondence. It approximates the FCE level of General English.

BEC HIGHER is the highest grade level. It is close to the CAE level of General English and implies that business people who possess this diploma are fluent in English to the extent that they can competently do their job in English: to give presentations, to hold meetings, to negotiate, etc.

Other ESOL exams

KET (Key English Test) – entry level. It is designed for students with a basic knowledge of the language required when traveling to English speaking countries.

An example of a KET exam

PET (Preliminary English Test) – Lower Intermediate Level – This certificate is a certificate that the candidate has mastered the language to the degree that they can handle in situations that can be expected mostly in society and at work in an English speaking environment.

Example PET exam

Most ESOL exams consist of five parts (reading, writing, grammar, listening and interview).


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